Analysis of common electrical issues in the industry:

  • Low power factor
  • Damaged capacitor bank
  • Electrical Rate
  • Power factor penalties
  • Monitoring the electrical consumption
  • Harmonic distortions
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Momentary voltage drops
  • Shutdowns
  • Thermography / Infra-red

Since 1990, our technicians and representatives travel the world to make statements. Using last 12 electrical bills, we prepare a comprehensive report and make recommendations.

PRODUCTS: Capacitors & Electrical Filters

NexelFlow Serie 1
Capacitor bank (dry, semi-dry or oil)

NexelFlow Serie 2
De-tuned Capacitor bank

NexelFlow Serie 3
Dynamic Capacitor bank (SCR/Thyristor)

NexelFlow Premium
RLC electrical filter

NexelFlow PQ Sine
Active filter

Overvoltage protection

Measuring equipment


Commisioning and maintenance services



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Inspection, specialized electrical work

  • Electrical inspection
  • Blackout (Hydro-Québec)
  • Rend conform any non-compliant or unsafe electrical incoming
  • Aluminum wiring and "Loom" wiring
  • Noise problem on the electrical main incoming
  • Replace fuse panel fuse by breaker panel
  • Electric furnaces
  • Bi-energy rate
  • Controlled lighting / Intelligent lighting (Caseta Lutron and others)
  • Controlled heating (Honeywell and others)
  • LED lighting retrofit
  • Generator
  • Water heater, spa, swimming pool

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